fundraising program details

The Waggle Golf Pass Community Fundraising Program is a simple way to raise funds for your group and help members,  families, relatives, friends and contacts  save money as well.

The Waggle Golf Pass is similar to the Entertainment Book, but it’s for golfers. It offers significant discounts on golf course fees, range balls, cart fees, lessons and merchandise at participating facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, in which it has sold quite well through its website, at courses, ranges, trade shows and word of mouth since 2005.

How This Program Works…

The Waggle Golf Pass retails for $40.  You get a custom web page on the Waggle website through which the pass may be ordered for $30 (a $10/25% discount).  And, your organization receives $15 (50%) from each pass sold.

How This Is An Easy Fundraiser…

The entire process is done online – a code identifies your organization.

There is NO DOOR-TO-DOOR SELLING involved. Just promote this offer on your website, in newsletters, with an email blast, or send home flyers with your members.

How You May Make $1,500 or More…

If only 25 of your patrons got each golfer in their favorite foursome to purchase one, that’s 100 books purchased earning you $15/book or $1,500.

Plus, you can raise money year round.  Promote the pass in December and January in anticipation of the new golf season.  Promote them again just prior to the new golf season (February – perhaps a Valentine’s Day gift), and again during the spring as a Mother’s day gift and summer as a Father’s day gift.

We realize that not everyone is a golfer, but our area is a golf hot spot, and your members will know friends, relatives and co-workers that play and will appreciate the chance to buy the Waggle Golf Pass at a discount while supporting your group.

With making a significant amount of money for your organization, and saving your patrons money participating in an activity they enjoy, the Waggle Golf Pass Community Fundraising Program is truly a win win opportunity!

Given the opportunity, we will help you exceed your fundraising goals.

You can contact me directly to get started, or for questions you may have, or if you just want to talk about golf.

Gary Michaelis
Fundraising Program Director