Improve Your Putting This Winter with TOMI

Brrr…. It’s too cold to get outside and work on your game these days (global warming?) but you can always find a space inside to practice your putting.  And, if you’re gonna practice, why not do it right?

So, grab your Waggle Golf Pass and head over to the Washington Golf Center in Arlington, VA to check out their new TOMI Putting Studio.

Pierre Noizet (one of the developers of TOMI) and his team will hook you and your putter up to the TOMI system (it’s painless and fun) to capture and record the motions of your putter in 3D in real time, from initial address throughout the entire stroke.

Immediate feedback, in easy to understand charts, is provided on clubhead alignment at impact, clubhead path at impact, stroke path and club rotation, impact spot on clubhead, stroke tempo and more.

The analysis can include putter fitting and tips on how to work on your putting.

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